Company profile

The company passing under the mark Pack it entered the market as an exclusive trade agency of the company Reisenthel CS, s.r.o., which deals with production of products of plastic – polypropylene.

As the only producer in the Czech and Slovak Republic it uses unique technology of polypropylene welding with hot air. All the boxes, tubes, packaging, bags and others are produced with this technology.

Since the substantial share of production is directed at export, our company is interested in spreading this at present very modern and requested material also among inland customers. As standard we have more than 300 kinds of packaging and products in our offer, the quantity of which is extended all the time by new constructions and shapes. We produce also custom-made packaging in accordance with the requirements and dimensions ordered by the client.

In addition to the packaging and products we offer also sale of the material – polypropylene boards. The production focuses marginally also on products of leather, PET, as the case may be only a shape cutout on platen presses.

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