Recently, it has been more and more true that THE PACKAGING sells. The producers, but also the customers are still more exacting as regards quality and aesthetics of the packaging, namely not only in case of gift items, but also with common products, such as cosmetics, textile, small electronics and others. An ideal material for fulfilling their requirements is polypropylene the merit of which in comparison with paper packaging is not only its exclusive and attractive appearance, but also strength and transparency, it means the products can be seen in the packaging.

In addition to that, polypropylene is highly ecological material, which can be recycled very easily (it can be grinded, granulated and reused) or burnt (the waste products unexceptionable for health arise during combustion, such as carbon dioxide and water).

All the packaging complies with the requirements of the Packaging Act; in addition to that it is unexceptionable for health and as such applicable also for contact with foodstuffs.

The unique technology of polypropylene welding with hot air ensures that the packaging does not contain any toxic glue. An innovation in welding is also ultrasonic welding.

High-quality printing in the form of screen-printing or offset is commonplace for us.

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